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How to Buy

Buying in bulk allows you to get the highest quality meat at a great price and will save you hundreds of dollars over buying a piece at a time from the specialty meat counter. You get peace of mind knowing where your meat comes from and not worrying that the case at the butcher shop may be empty. We make it this easy for you:


  • Step 1 – Reserve your Cow Share, and we will contact you approximately a week before processing to receive your cutting specifications.

  • Step 2 – Beef will be ready for pickup approximately two weeks from the date of harvest.

  • Step 3 – Stock your freezer and be ready to feed your family.


A Quarter Cow Share is about 125 pounds of packaged beef. On average, that breaks down to roughly 25 lbs of steak, 60 lbs. of Roasts/Stew Beef/Brisket/Short Ribs, and about 40 lbs. of ground beef. Your meat will be vacuum packaged and can be stored in a freezer for more than a year.

A half-cow share is about 250 pounds of packaged beef.

A Whole Cow (if you don’t want to share) is about 500 pounds of packaged beef.

Our price is $4.35/lb. Hanging weight which includes transport fees and all butchering and processing costs. Our cattle average 900 pounds hanging weight, and each Quarter Share will cost approximately $980

Do you want to try our delicious beef before you commit to filling up your freezer? Call us to learn more about our sampler packages, or even buy a couple of steaks for your next special occasion.

+1 (614) 508-6320 Call Today!

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