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Welcome to Thistlegate Farms

We’re glad you stopped by

We live by the idea of quality over quantity – it’s not about how much you do, but how you do it.
Thistlegate Farms proudly and naturally raise Wagyu cattle on our specially formulated vegetarian diet. From our farmland to your kitchen table, Thistlegate Farms’ Wagyu produces the most mouth-watering beef that’ll ever hit your plate.


“I’ve been fortunate enough to have eaten at some of the nicest steak houses in Columbus including Smith and Wollensky, Ruth Chris, and Hyde Park. The steak I grilled at my house from Thistlegate Farms was by far the best-tasting steak I’ve ever had. The flavor was incredible. I highly recommend the meat from Thistlegate Farms."

- Tyler G

“I cooked your steaks last night and, as a retired butcher, I can say I haven’t tasted such great meat since the 1960s.”

- Allen S


170 N Sunbury Road Westerville, OH 43081

+1 (614) 508-6320

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